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Did you know it costs 46% more to fix what is broken verus performing preventative maintenance?

At Long Lake Automotive, this statement really outlines our philosophy around vehicle care. Maintenace is about more than just oil changes and fluid flushes, it is about regular inspections and services that will keep your vehicle running in top shape with less stress, breakdowns and in the end, we can prove it will save you significant amounts of money over the lifetime of vehicle ownership.

Our goal at Long Lake Automotive is to make each customer an educated customer. What is an educated customer? A customer who, fully understands the unique requirements of their vehicle and is prepared for the various costs that will be incurred to keep the vehicle in good shape, safe and reliable over the full course of ownership. We aim to minimize surprises and do so by performing proper inspections and based on those, create a plan that will stretch many years into the future. This “Maintenance Plan” will take the vehicle on a journey through many levels of service and inspections to properly identify concerns and repair them BEFORE the vehicle breaks down. 

Long Lake Automotive is a Designated Inspection Facility for The Province of British Columbia. A Used Oil Recycling Collection center.


1 year/20,000km

Independent Service
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Looking for a mechanic you can trust? Look no further!

Long Lake Automotive understands the importance of building strong customer relationships and Greg worked for one of the first automotive repair service chains to establish standards of performance to assure its' valued customers consistently high levels of service.
Over the years Greg expanded his knowledge and services and in 2010 changed his role from technician to business owner, operating Long Lake Automotive which was started in 2004.
Long Lake Automotive repair shop specializes in offering the very best while-you-wait service for all makes and models of cars, light trucks and SUV's. For all longer requirements we offer shuttle or valet service to work or home. Long Lake Automotive specializes in brakes, exhaust, shock absorbers, struts and front end repairs as well as the sale of tires, provincial road safety inspections and vehicle maintenance services that include oil, lube and filter replacement.

Our Nanaimo auto repair shop which is located at 2480 Kenworth Rd, takes pride in being able to help keep the citizens of Nanaimo safely on the road, because at Long Lake Automotive we care.

Why we stand out from the rest:

  • We use the latest in diagnostic technology to get you on the road safely and quickly.
  • Free wash and vacuum for all repairs over $100
  • Independently owned and operated backed by a Nationwide Warranty Program
  • We are authorised to maintain all manufacturer's warranties
  • Thousands of satisfied customers!

It is the stress in people's lives and their assumptions about what will make some of that stress go away, that ultimately will determine what and where they buy.
-Donald Cooper-