Long Lake Automotive Ltd.
Proudly Serving Nanaimo and the Central Island 

Fleet Services we offer

Check operation of starter

Check steering wheel play

Check interior dash lights & switches

Check heater, defroster & accessories

Check horn - electric

Check window lifts, lube door hinges & locks

Check seat belts, seat operation & condition

Check wipers, washers & blades

Check parking brake operation

Check service brake operation

Check clutch pedal free travel

Check for unusual engine noise

Check transmission operation

Check head, clearance & signal lights

Check glass and body for damage

Check cooling system & hose condition

Check coolant level - add 50/50 blend

Check belts for condition & adjustment

Check exhaust system & brackets

Check visible bolts & engine mountings

Check air cleaner

Check wiring & battery cables

Check battery hold-down, box & cover

Check throttle & accelerator linkage

Check P/S fluid - fill to proper level

Check brake master cylinder fluid level

Engine tune-up wires and cap

Check bumper & mud flap mounting

Check engine oil & filter(s), and for leaks

Check front bearings & king pins

Lube front axle assembly

Check front springs, shocks

Check steering assembly for looseness

Check pitman arm looseness

Check tie rods & drag links for looseness

Check ball and socket joints - any movement

Check parking brake

Lube complete unit

Check transmission oil level & for leaks

Check driveshaft u-joints for play

Check differential oil level & for leaks

Check rear springs, u-bolts & center bolts

Measure Tread Depth (32nd inch)

Measure Brake Wear (32nd inch)

At Long Lake Automotive we strive to make your driving as carefree as we can. This is why we have become partners with some of the best Fleet service providers in the market including:

GE Fleet Services


ARI Canada

We will deal directly with these companies to take care of your concerns.
Whether you have one vehicle or 100 vehicles Long Lake Automotive can confidantly take care of your driving needs.