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How we Reduce Reuse Recycle


We beleive that improving our work enviroment has a positive impact on the global environment. To fight greenhouse gas emissions and degradation of natural settings by chemicals, we have turned to enviromental technologies and materials to recondition vehicles. We also ensure tight management for the disposal of these substances.
We respect the highest standards of handling, storage and collection of waste that are dangerous to the environment. Used solvents, aerosols and soiled equipment, impregnated solids, soiled lubricants and batteries are all subject to controlled treatment. We recycle cardboard in our shop and offices.Our advanced computer data and information system, including secure management and administrative procedures, allows Long Lake Automotive to reduce paper consumption considerably.
Since 2005, we have followed the path of environmental protection by making enviromental responsibility part of our code of ethics.
Our goal? To integrate enviromental preservation into our relationships with our suppliers, design our activities to respect the life cycle of vehicles and adapt the company to sustainable development.
The 3 Rs of our commitment -Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.
The three steps that bring us closer to our goal: to preserve resources for future generations. At Long Lake Automotive we believe that it is essential to consume fewer products and reuse them better. A properly maintained vehicle will stay in service many years, saving the energy and resources used to manufacture new ones.
In accordance with our mission statement, Long Lake Automotive is proudly using green parts. As undamaged original parts arrive from unsalvageable vehicles, green parts allow us to reduce repair costs while reducing waste and saving energy used to manufacture new parts. When we restore a classic car or bring a neglected one back to proper service standards it saves all the resources required to build a new one that would be needed in its place.